Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canon EOS Discovery Day

I am calling all aspiring and advanced photographers in the Tampa Bay area to attend the Canon EOS Discovery Day seminars on Saturday, May 22nd 2010. Yes, this is an obvious plug for my most favorite camera store, North Tampa Photography. I carry no shame when it comes to taking pictures. I bring that shame to even a higher level when photography knowledge is willingly shared with other passionate photographers.

Meet Scott Alexander and Drew MacCallum. They are the featured Canon instructors for the day at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Tampa, FL. Scott and Drew are chock full of helpful advice and instruction for any level.

North Tampa Photography is expecting a large turnout of budding photographers who share the same desire for great images. More people the better, as I would say! Making contacts and networking with other photographers creates a more festive atmosphere.

Go ahead and bring your gear to the seminar. You will learn photo basics in a conventional class setting and a "hands on" approach with your own camera.

Camera snobs are not welcome to this event. Even image professionals in the industry go to some type of continuing education later in their careers. So advanced photographers with some experience under their belts should not be shy to the intermediate seminars.

Interested? Go and sign up on the North Tampa Photography EOS Discovery site or the North Tampa Photography Facebook page.

I will see you there with Canon camera in hand. I will be the one shooting HD DSLR video for my next PhotoBlog post. You should also check out the HD DSLR Videos I will be playing ,like the one above, during the whole day of the seminar in the lobby. It may inspire you to shoot some HD video yourself. Watch out Vincent LaForet and Phillip Bloom!

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