Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fort De Soto Beach Park

Thirteen pounds of charcoal briquettes. Check. Ten pounds of marinated chicken. Check. Large bag of frozen corn on the cob. Check. Canon EOS Rebel T2i with EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens. Check. This may sound like a Thanksgiving feast but it is only a day trip to my favorite Fort De Soto Beach Park with the family.

While the entire Northeast suffers through another record blizzard, the Tampa Bay weather enjoys another 74 degree sunny day. The local beaches invade my ChadSorianoPhotoBlog like Gasparilla Pirates.

As you may have noticed, the "boss" is expecting. Six more weeks to be exact until the cameras are rolling and clicking. I may have to expand my hard drive space. Baby Serena in Full HD coming soon. Do you think the maternity ward has room for an IGUS Drylin Camera Slider?

Somehow this attempt at a family maternity shoot went horribly wrong. Cute sibling kisses turned into "Twilight" turmoil.

Let me leave a favorite video of mine from my past local beach visits.

You can view more pictures in my Fort De Soto Beach Park 2011 Gallery.

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