Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Fruits of Our Labor Day 2011

Labor Day sparks the end of summer and the day off from work for most but for my newborn daughter Serena, this holiday weekend celebrates her 6 month old milestones. Sitting up on her own, grabbing objects with her hands and recognizing her own name are just a few recent developmental skills of this very happy baby.

With 10 pounds of Rib-eye steak and Pork ribs to grill, we officially ended summer with a windy trip to our favorite Fort De Soto Beach Park. The family loves the beach and everything that comes with it. The waves, the splashing and the seashell hunting tops the beach favorite's list. For me, it is the uninterrupted charcoal grilling with the ultimate final reward of consumption. One juicy bite at a time.

Okay, we did not spend all weekend grilling meat and soaking up all the sunshine. We journeyed long and far to various eating establishments. Of course, all this culinary research is for the greater scientific good. The good of our appetites.

We hit a Food Network favorite of Guy Fieri, Taco Bus in Tampa, Florida. I would not consider this Mexican Food Truck restaurant as a "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" hotspot, but more like a school bus authentic Mexican kitchen attached to an air conditioned dining area.

All that matters to me is that the kids like it with the convenience of 24/7 yummy dining. My daughter's Food Network choice is definitely the fried fish tacos with all the trimmings. Scrumptious!

Capturing my newborn daughter's six month milestones is naturally a labor of love. Every month comes with a new shining baby moment and an overwhelming photo gallery of cute and adorable baby portraits.

Labor Day for my son means a few short weeks closer to the upcoming iPhone 5. Call my son the King of anything Apple and an Honorary Soldier of the soon to be released, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Almost every week my daughter Serena surprises me with some new baby skill. Everyday my daughter's adorable smile makes everything worthwhile one photograph and dirty diaper at a time.

You can view more fruits of our Labor Day 2011 shot with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D and the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV in my Labor Day 2011 Gallery.

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  1. Chad!

    This is your cousin Peter, funny I stumbled upon your blog as I was googling 'Zacuto Zfinder' I have the EVF but I also want to slap on the Zfinder on my GH2 when I want to go ligher - but because of the small size of the GH2 it hangs below, I guess I need a QR plate that's flush with the back of the screen.

    How are you? I met up with Charles a couple of times here in Shanghai.

  2. @agitprop,

    Hello. It has been a long time, Peter. Charles told me about your visits to Hong Kong.
    Well, fate would have it that your Zacuto search landed you on my PhotoBlog.
    Yes, you do need the Gorilla Plate paired with the Z Finder to correctly align the GH2 screen. The current Z Pro 2.5x includes all the necessary hardware to make the GH2 work correctly.
    Peter, nice bumping into you on the internet. I have been busy with work and the newborn. Take Care...