Thursday, November 24, 2011

All Quiet on the Thanksgiving Front

Thanksgiving Day usually sparks the season of holiday warfare. With only 31 days until Christmas Day, chaos erupts with annual Black Friday shopping events, must attend holiday office parties, school Christmas pageants and the ever stressful large gatherings of family functions. This Thanksgiving Day was surprisingly different for a change. Why? I did not have cooked turkey obligations.

With relative calm and precooked Costco Kirkland Signature Honey Glazed Ham plus the added bonus of an enormous baked apple pie with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream, Thanksgiving Day was quite relaxing and stress free. No messy Turkey frying with expensive $50 peanut oil for a $20 bird and no long distance traveling this year makes me a happy camper. Just Florida weather in the Fall season and three servings of Apple pie a la mode to enable my post Thanksgiving dinner hibernation.

To win battles in holiday warfare, you have to distract the enemy (in-laws and kids) with rudimentary devices like an inflatable bounce house. Despite a few head bumps and tears, a few dollars spent on a bounce house rental equals priceless enjoyment of a plate full of turkey with all the trimmings.

All is quiet on this Thanksgiving Day. I give thanks for my family, my apple pie a la mode and my trusty Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D for capturing this turkey moment.

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