Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The New McDonald's Experience

My kids first noticed the new construction next to our neighborhood on the way to school one day. I first dismissed the stand alone building as another strip mall anchor but I soon realized from the rubble of concrete and metal emerged the "Golden Arches". The school daze frown were turned upside down.

Almost three months later, the newly redesigned McDonald's unlocked their doors for their soft opening. My kids were there with open arms to embrace the yummy food and the new look of the fast food giant. Gone are the overbearing primary colors, cafeteria style seating and florescent light banks of the 1980's. They are replaced with LED wide screen menus, upscale furniture with decorative lamps and muted interior wall colors that welcome customers. The look is very familiar nowadays in the very competitive food industry. Panera Bread and especially Starbucks come to mind.

My first impression was positive with the new look and feel of McDonald's. There was a strong "IKEA" presence but with an aroma of french fries. To be honest, my kids could care less about the new modern design of McDonald's. Kids are kids. They want good food hot and fast. I have to agree with their demands and simplicity.

McDonald's can renovate and change the iconic look of a traditional fast food restaurant but the menu still lures the customers. My new "Daily Double" tasted as good as it looks in this picture. I still miss the "hot side hot and the cold side cold" of the McDLT of yesteryear but the "Daily Double" will suffice for now. My kids as usual got the "Happy Meal" with the included "marketing ploy toy". Now for the real question. Is the "Hot Apple Pie" fried or baked at this new location?

Memories of my childhood past are filled with Star Wars action figures and the crunch of McDonald's Hot Apple Pie. At one point in the history of McDonald's menus, the Hot Apple Pie turned from crispy to a dry and stale like "Pop Tart". Maybe it was a budget cut or a marketing survey that changed history, but the fried apple pie became a baked apple pie. Who would do such a thing? Fortunately, our newly redesigned neighborhood McDonald's blessed my family with fried apple pie dreams. Rejoice!

If I can wake my kids up early from their summer vacation sleep, I should have a review of the McDonald's breakfast menu coming soon. Just like the pictures above shot with the new Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D paired with the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens, I will soon have Hot Cakes and Hash Browns filling the pages of my PhotoBlog.

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  1. Yes, there was one like that in Dayton TN where I went to school, and I was also struck that it felt more like a Starbucks inside than a fastfood restaurant.

  2. I love the new look of my McDonalds in 2014!

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