Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day on the 11th!

Since "heart" day falls on a Sunday, it would be difficult to hide a bouquet of flowers all weekend from my wife or my kids, to say the least. So the pretty image above is the arrangement I sent to my wife's office to "surprise" her. Like she was "surprised" the last birthday,valentines and wedding anniversary.
Now to the nitty gritty irony of this week. The Law Firm that I work for as an Investigative Photographer operates a non-profit consumer advocacy website called The Consumer Warning Network. It exposes all the consumer fraud in the country happening today and IMHO we are making a difference in people's lives. Our featured story this week just happens to be Valentine's Day Flowers. What about Valentine Floral arrangements that could peak the interest of today's consumers? ANSWER...Where should people buy flowers for their significant others.
Almost $400 and over 6 dozen roses later, our fabulous story beautifully written and produced by my coworker Angie Moreschi, creatively edited together by my other coworker Larry Wiezycki and photographed by none other than "moi". Enjoy!

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