Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheetahs Win First Soccer Game of Season!

My daughter's youth soccer team broke the losing streak that plagued the Cheetahs during the entire season. You could say this victory was a much needed morale booster to this tiny team of spirit.

Over the course of several games, I noticed my daughter's team build confidence in their soccer skill, learn about teamwork and realize youth sports are all about having fun. I also have to mention the much needed sports photography practice during these matches. I am slowly but surely improving this difficult skill.

The season is not yet over. Maybe this victory will bring the Cheetahs over the top to many more wins. Maybe, I will be lucky enough to photograph my daughter kicking the winning goal to the championship tournament.

You can view more of the winning game in the updated Youth Soccer Gallery.

Again my post would not be complete with a HD DSLR video of the Cheetahs in action. This is not the winning game but the game two weeks ago. So enjoy!

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