Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Jubilee Has Sprung !

The 9th Annual Spring Jubilee at St. Stephen Catholic School has arrived in full force with rides, games and lots of food! It began with an empty field and then the emergence of white tents and colossal metal arms in the sky. With school kids abound the metal menagerie, the spring fair sprung into action.

The Spring Jubilee has been the annual glorious event for my kid's school as well as the major fundraiser for the church. It has been a Fair tradition longer than I have been at the catholic school and the Spring legacy will likely continue past my kid's graduation.

My daughter is finally big and confident enough to ride the fair attractions herself. She has not gathered the courage to ride the roller coaster but there is always next year.

My son is a different story altogether. A little clingy at times but still wants to show his independence when he is in front of the ladies his age. He is not shy when it comes to the Fair food at the concession tent. Just like his dad, he targeted the fried chicken wings followed with a sugary soda chaser.

I do not want to leave out the amusement fair games and the wake of overpriced trinkets shrinking unsuspecting catholic wallets. It would not be fun for my kids without a simple carnival challenge to win a dollar store prize.

If you have not noticed already, the images are a little grainier than usual from previous posts. I have been using a three year old Canon 1D Mark III with ISO capabilities previous to the 5D Mark II, 7D,1D Mark IV and the Rebel T2i. Three years is an eternity in DLSR years. Technology has escalated the new camera model dynamic to exponential proportions. The 12 to 18 month product cycles are history. Image companies are paying a close watch with each other to see who wins the megapixel and ISO range war.

This brings me back to my Canon EOS 1D Mark III resurrection. With all the emerging technologies and highly critical DSLR technoblogs, the Canon EOS 1D Mark III is still a great camera. It will not win the current ISO competition but in my opinion the Canon EOS 1D Mark III has remarkable skin tone and dynamic range. These two aspects give the 1D Mark III images a film like quality.

To view more Canon EOS 1D Mark III images, check out the Spring Jubilee 2010 Gallery.

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