Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Day Of School

The inevitable day finally arrived after two and a half months of past your bedtime schedules and watching hours of daytime cartoons on television. The first day of school hit the Soriano family like a freight train.

Get up before sunrise, drink coffee, assemble school lunches, get the kids dressed while they complain they are still sleepy and drive through morning rush hour traffic through several school zones to get to school on time. Sound familiar? I forgot to add one more step to my morning process. Dress myself and look somewhat presentable to the other rushed parents at school!

Return to normalcy! Comparing summer vacation to World War I is quite a literary stretch, but I had to say it. Single file lunch lines and hallway lockers coin the phrase "back to school".

I am not a morning person as well as my family. Night dwellers unite! My Dunkin Donuts ground coffee from Costco is my medicine to jump start my day.

May the 2010 school year be filled with unbridled knowledge, homework, recess and fantastic field trips. My cameras are waiting patiently to capture the moment.

Irony just fills the pages of my PhotoBlog! I mentioned to my wife that she is just moving the dust around and not really removing it.

I used the Canon EOS 5D Mark II with the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 IS L lens for this shoot.
You can view more photos in my First Day Of School 2010 Gallery.

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