Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Video: Serenity

Routine is never routine. Any planning, organizing and reading cannot mentally prepare you for the unexpected. Meet my new addition to my family, Serena Soriano. Scheduled as a routine natural delivery like the two previous siblings before her, minor complications preceded mother nature and my wife was quickly whisked away to the operating room for an unscheduled C-section.

Caesarean sections are performed on a daily basis in hospitals across the world. My world was visibly shaken because this was my wife's very first major surgery in her entire life. Overwhelming concern for my wife and undelivered daughter filled my mind. I have been previously planning for months a well orchestrated and produced child birth video of our third child. My hands were trembling from worry but I managed to preserve the glorious moment.

At a healthy 8 pounds and 3 ounces, Serena emerged to a welcoming family and a Canon EOS Rebel T3i in the operating room. My oldest daughter finally has a younger sister to nurture and guide to everything Apple and Justin Bieber. My once youngest son and now middle child is outnumbered and has no comment on the matter.

Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been a long five years since my last child birth experience. 4 hour feedings, burping, diaper changing and the dreaded infant car seat installation quickly comeback as a harsh reality. A happy harsh reality.

The "boss" is slowly but surely recovering. I could not wait for my wife's heavy narcotics from surgery to wane because she can finally hold her newborn child in her arms. Anticipation of her baby daughter's touch pulled her through the worst of times. I am personally looking forward to the good times.

Welcome to the "Modern Family". iPad, iPhone 4, WiFi, HD DSLR's, 1080p video and Facebook connected child birth announcements invaded the maternity ward of the hospital, as if we never left home.

With the "all clear" from Pediatrician and Obstetrician, child in mother's embrace head home for some well needed rest in comfortable serenity.

I captured the entire journey with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i paired with the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens. With the small, lightweight and versatile T3i/600D around my neck, I easily documented my newborn daughter into this world. I could not think of a more practical and realistic test of a digital photographic tool than real life. The T3i/600D exceeded my expectations in versatility and image quality just like my previous Canon EOS Rebel T3i Verdict and Video Review.

You can view more pictures and videos in my Canon EOS Rebel T3i Serena Soriano Gallery.


  1. Excellent photos and video, congrats.
    My favorite shot is of Jude next to your Mom and baby Serena.

  2. Thank you for the photographic help and support at the hospital. It is one of the few times the camera is pointed towards me for a change!

  3. Just bought my T3i and I have a question. How do you keep such great focus on the video when the camera does not auto-focus? Do you just keep the focal length short ? Let me know if you have any tip/tricks as I am preparing to video my wife giving birth in the coming months with the same camera. I just got the T3i and I'm learning how to use it!


  4. @Mickey,

    To maintain sharp focus on subjects, I always like to preset my focus before I start recording. Of course, if the subject is moving the focus depends on a keen eye and steady hand on the focus ring. Practice makes perfect. Yes, it does help if you shoot wide angle and shoot higher than f/4 aperture.
    When you are shooting movies, you want to keep the focus mode in "AF Live". It is the quickest way to focus your subject in a hurry. In "AF Live" mode and the press and hold of the *(asterisk) button will make the LCD screen go black for brief moment. You will hear a confirmation beep and an illuminated AF point on the LCD screen when the camera has finished "AF Live". Your subject should be tack sharp but only if the subject does not move. You will have to go manual at this point. There are loupes you can attach to the LCD screen. I recently took the plunge on the pricey Z-Finder by Zacuto. Expensive but it works.
    Well keep practicing and Good Luck!