Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Madeline !

At exactly 3:35pm my life changed into something I could never have imagined. Only 6 months prior to this defining moment of my daughter's arrival, I could merely see shadows and outlines.

Happy Birthday Madeline! Special could only describe the overwhelming feeling of seeing your smile for the first time. Your constant beaming from birth until this very day shines with your forever kindness and good will.

Fairy Tales do come true and my Princess has arrived to my Kingdom wearing a jeweled crown and a pink gown. You are forever mine.

Best of friends illustrates your bond with your younger brother. He desires your knowledge on how to manipulate Mommy and Daddy for wanton tasks.

You have matured into a beautiful young girl with a gorgeous smile and an affable personality. I am blessed to be your Father and to have you as the daughter of our family.

Your Mom unconditionally loves you with all her heart and will do her best to guide you in the most motherly way.

You are the sojourner of everything pink, manicured nails and Yummy House Noodles.

Your family wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

This is a blast from the past! A standard definition 4:3 video shot with the Sony PD150 and edited with Final Cut Pro 4. It was the dawn of affordable 3 CCD video cameras and professional grade non linear editing software for aspiring film makers. We just love everything Hawaii!

And everything Italian! Of course, this video is shot with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i and 5D Mark II in High Definition 1080p quality and edited with Final Cut Pro 6.

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