Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook Welcomes Chad Soriano PhotoBlog !

Today marks my Chad Soriano PhotoBlog launch into Facebook. To commemorate another immersion in the social media chasm, please become a Facebook Fan of my PhotoBlog.

If Facebook does not satisfy your viral need, follow me on Twitter. I will Tweet my launch and I hope my fans will retweet to share the news.

Sharing the knowledge with anyone that has the same photographic passion should become a Facebook Fan. My friends at North Tampa Photography feel the same way. I also encourage fellow photographers to join North Tampa Photography on Facebook, as well.

Philip Bloom finally meets Chad Soriano PhotoBlog ! Philip is the ultimate Social Media Guru when it comes to everything HD DSLR photography. I am following in his viral footsteps to gain networking ground. So please become a Facebook Fan of Chad Soriano PhotoBlog !!!

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