Monday, June 20, 2011

A Father's Day to Remember

I have many loves in my life. They come in many forms and there is no photoblog big enough to list them all. I will spare the details and just give you the highlights this fabulous Father's Day. My first love is my family. Through thick and thin and even at the lowest points of my life, the wife and kids including extended family have always been there for me. Constantly overlooked and usually taken for granted, keeping the family unit together is the hardest and most enjoyable task in my entire life.

I have to admit food comes as a personal favorite. Just the lure of fried chicken or Spinach,Ricotta and Garlic Pizza from Angelina's Fine Italian Cuisine makes my mouth water. The Soriano family has traveled many miles for a good meal. From Jolibee Chicken Joy in Manila, Philippines to fried Calamari at Covo Dei Saraceni in Positano, Italy, culinary delights are beautiful to consume and photograph. My appetite for Italian was satisfied on Father's Day just in Brandon, Fl at Angelina's with no long airplane travel, currency conversion or even a long wait.

My 2000 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic is just a faded memory but a love I will never forget. Some other lucky owner will cherish this semi-retirement motorbike. Riding on two wheels is an experience but not safe and practical for this father of three children.

I think shooting guns for sport is in my Filipino blood. The gunpowder flows through my veins with an unusual desire for 1911's in 45ACP. I actually had a brief moment at the gun range on Father's Day with a fellow Filipino father with the shared desire. Shooting pictures of shooting guns. Do I have to explain?

Sharing the love for Carvel Ice Cream with my children is priceless. The chocolate crunchies in their ice cream cake, dipped in soft serve in a cake cone and sprinkled on top of a Banana Barge is just plain heaven. You do not have to be middle aged to appreciate the simple things in life.

The ultimate love for photography and everything related to image making fuels my passion as well as my career in life. I am pretty much never without multiple cameras at any given time. I document my life with photographs because they will last longer than me and gives my children a chance to look back into their childhood. The good memories and the bad memories. It is all there.

You can view all the food, family and guns in my Father's Day 2011 Gallery.

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