Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Day in the Park

We cannot get enough of the Tampa Museum of Art. Ever since the grand opening in February, my family and I went back to the Tampa Riverwalk to enjoy the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and the playground by the museum. As you noticed in the video above, the lure of water features became irresistible for the kids as well as another opportunity for a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Video Test.

The water relieved the kids because we were at my daughter's Youth Soccer Game all morning and I wanted to take a nap on the luscious grassy field by the waterfront. We could have not asked for better weather to play ball in the park and for me to take a sleepy bear nap.

Do not mind my son's flip flops and the pink soccer ball. I guess he watches his sister play soccer too much and wants to try it out for himself. He might be the next Filipino Beckham! Believe me, harmony grew short when the "this is my ball" argument began with his sister. My tolerance for whining grew thin and resorted to the water features of the Riverfront. Problem solved!

If you have not seen already my The Tampa Museum of Art Experience, you should check it out because I put another Canon EOS 1D Mark IV Video Test together about the museum. It is a sight to see, especially at sunset.

Here is my Day in the Park Gallery to check out the pictures and video.

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