Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie !

My daughter's favorite Auntie had her Birthday party today at The Wine Exchange in Hyde Park Village. Not my usual fare (No Fried Chicken), but I got my fill of Steak and Fries. I was actually looking forward to my family's Chinese Mecca, Yummy House, but my sister in law's boyfriend made secret plans to skirt my Yummy House appetite.

Yes, this is my mini-clone. My son rarely strikes a pose unless there is some type of bribe in the form of soda, ice cream or his iPhone App privileges suspended for more than a minute. So you ask what prompted this handsome gesture? I asked him to smile for the camera or the iPhone disappears. This is a sad comment on Apple's strangle hold on today's preschoolers. What happened to Nintendo DSi?

My PhotoBlog Post would not be complete if I did not include a Canon EOS Rebel T2i Video Test #2 of our Birthday adventures. After lunch, the whole family went to a paint it yourself ceramic studio called ColorMeMine. I did not understand the concept of buying items to paint yourself, but my wife and kids enjoyed it. I just smiled and shot pictures and video for my next test gallery.

I will not hold back any longer. The Canon Rebel T2i outperformed my expectations again and again. See for yourself in the updated T2i Gallery and in the new video below.


  1. Chad, tell me please, what about overheating of 550D? All is OK? How long does it save a normal temperature?

  2. The 550D overheats just as much as the 5D Mark II,the 7D and the T1i. In the heat of the summer, I have experienced overheating in about 15-20min. Keeping the Live View Movie Mode off in between shots prevents the overheat sensor from shutting off the camera. One thing you have to consider when the sensor gets hot, the image noise increases so much you can see it in the video quality.