Friday, March 12, 2010

The James Hoyer Media Team

I would like to introduce our Emmy Award winning Media Team at the James Hoyer Law Firm. If you ever wondered what I actually do for a living, I am an Investigative Photographer. I shoot pictures and video for investigative productions for use by our attorneys for specific high profile cases and a variety of social media. I am only one part of the Media team. We have a former investigative journalist, Angie Moreschi. She magically weaves all the different literary and visual elements in an effective tool to convey the message. Not only she writes superb content, she demonstrates a commanding presence on camera. The third and most creative part of the Media team is Larry Wiezycki. He artistically directs all visual,audio and web content in a way that shines above the rest. This is evident in the soon to be print advertisement about our wonderful Media Team. He is the Photoshop Master!

Another important aspect of our law firm that I personally find fascinating is The Consumer Warning Network. It is a non-profit consumer advocacy website that educates and warns consumers of all the fraud in our greed infested society. Our subjects range from the foreclosure crisis, to Chinese drywall, airline safety, subprime student loans and even an ordering online flower comparison.

The one person who made this "dream team" happen is Chris Hoyer. He had the vision three and a half years ago that social media would be a potent communicating tool in today's changing society. Chris and I share the same passion for photography. You can see it here in his ArtBlog.

I have never experienced, seen or heard of a law firm like this one in my life. Whenever somebody asks me what I do for a living, they give me a confused yet curious look on their face when I respond. Maybe I should just email them my PhotoBlog link! LOL!

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