Friday, September 3, 2010

Canon EOS 60D Preview At Canon EXPO 2010

One direct airplane flight from Florida and one bus ride into the Javits Convention Center in NYC, I arrived with excitement and hopes of my first hands on experience with the new Canon EOS 60D. As you can witness in the image I photographed with my iPhone 4, the 60D has a swivel screen, manual audio control for video and to my surprise a wireless flash control like the Canon EOS 7D. I will have more to post later on my ChadSorianoPhotoBlog and I will have a quick video preview shot on my iPhone 4 posted on my Canon1dm4 YouTube Channel soon. Ultimately, I will have a full Canon EOS 60D Video Review and Test shortly!


  1. more more more .... look forward to your complete review.
    did you run into any DSLR royalty?

  2. I am working on the pictures and videos now. They will post soon.
    Unfortunately, Philip Bloom left already for his Chicago Meetup. I did snap a few pics of Vincent LaForet at the HD Cinema Experience Booth.
    I will be posting an update to my PhotoBlog soon.

  3. I know who Vincent LaForet is but who is this Philip Bloom?

  4. 70-200mm mugs. Where are the 70-200mm mugs? Surely there's a shady-looking guy outside the convention center selling them along with fake The fake Rolex.

  5. Any idea when the 60D will be released? How does it compare to 5Dll?

    How long before you post your review?


  6. This is too funny...I just posted on your St. Augustine trip/blog entry. Then clicked here right after. My brother works for Canon (not the camera division), but was at that show in NY in 2010 as well...lol. World keeps getting smaller.