Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Libby !

The streets and highways will soon have one more driver on the road exercising her teenage independence. Just like every anxious newly turned 15 year old, my niece is brimming with anticipation to get behind the wheel of her new ride. A new ride to school, a new ride to the movie theater, a new ride to Sunday Church and eventually a new ride to college.

Your loving jealous brother will be further envious of your aged accomplishments. My son will be looking forward to his ride to GameStop, for the latest edition of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Just like old times, you can share a new ride with all your loving cousins to your old watering hole for some ceramic pottery fun. The family could always use more personalized unsafe microwave dishes to decorate the kitchen shelves. Your younger cousins look up to you as their oldest and most wise young adult in the family. Role model is an understatement.

Your favorite Auntie brought you a newborn cousin, Serena, to your growing list this year. A new ride to babysitting your youngest cousin is in your future.

Your new ride will never run empty. It will be fueled by all the love of your family including your Mom in Heaven. Consider that limitless 24 hour Roadside Assistance from up above. Happy Birthday Libby! We all love you very much.

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