Monday, July 25, 2011

LaserStrike Laser Tag at The Ice Sports Forum Experience

Call of Duty: Black Ops trained my son well in the art of LaserStrike Laser Tag at the Ice Sports Forum. Aggressive youthful visions of dual wield LaserTron LT-11 phasers came to mind with full auto capability but were halted by silly LaserStrike game rules. The only dual wielding going on was the double Birthday Party of my son and daughter at The Ice Sports Forum.

Double Birthdays means dual cakes. Two Happy Birthday songs followed by two candle blowing wishes. More the merrier, right? At least we can have boys versus girls LaserStrike Laser Tag competitions. As my son says, "Boys rule, girls drool."

Like any good strategy, my daughter's defense is a secret Weapon of Mass Destruction. These WMD's are filled with hormonal rage armed with pink phasers. A deadly combination to say the least.

Double cakes, Pizza, Wings and reams of soda pop were not enough to fill the hungry appetites of Laser Tag gamers. My wife made even more sugary treats on top of all yummy goodness. Cheeseburger Cupcakes are all the rage. Vanilla cupcakes for buns and chocolate cupcakes for hamburger meat. You cannot forget the condiments. Red icing for ketchup, flattened yellow icing for cheese,green icing for relish, sugar crystals for sesame seeds and too top it all off, french fries made out of sliced sugar cookies. Yummy!

LaserStrike Laser Tag soldiers unite! Maybe when my newborn daughter Serena celebrates her First Birthday, we can have a Trifecta Birthday Party. Three cakes, three Birthday songs, three Laser Tag teams...

You can view more photos shot with the Canon EOS 1D Mark IV paired with the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L lens in my Maddy and Jude's Laser Tag Birthday Party 2011 Gallery.

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  2. Just curious, what laser tag equipment (guns and vests) do you guys use? Is it Laserwar professional laser tag gear? Or may be it is Cybrertag, or Laserx, or Lasertron gear?

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